Turnstone Ventures is ready and able to serve as an integral member of your U.S. team by playing a hands-on role to launch or assist your operations. In this capacity, we seek to provide a flexible; talented and cost-effective means for you to build your team overseas. In all of our work, we have a strong focus on implementation – after all, if you can’t put our recommendations into practice, they don’t help. The scope of our implementation work can be large or small, and can include such things as:

• Team-building – recruiting, screening, hiring and managing the work of your local team.

• Marketing – identifying and managing outside marketing vendors, ranging from designers to direct mail houses; developing key marketing messages and proofing outgoing materials for mistakes; managing marketing events and initiatives, from trade show representation to online advertising programs.

• Sales team management – defining sales systems including compensation, sales tracking, and customer management; recruiting and hiring sales reps; monitoring and managing their ongoing sales activities.

• Strategic ventures – locating and approaching strategic partners, negotiating agreements with them, conducting quiet due diligence, and facilitating integration of new partners and operations.

• Market intelligence – providing ongoing intelligence about market trends and corporate activities in areas of key interest to your business.